Top 5 Sushi Restaurants in Brooklyn

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There is a ton of amazing cuisine in New York. We are celebrated and known for having some of the best food in the country. If you break down New York by borough too, there’s a lot of cultural diversity in our dining options and that’s what makes us one of the greatest vacation spots in the world. You can find any kind of food in New York at most times of the day. For some great Greek food, try Astoria Queens! For incredible soul food, hit up parts of Washington Heights and Harlem and there is fantastic sushi in Brooklyn! We’d like to share with you a list of some of the best sushi in Brooklyn, NY.


5. 1 OR 8, Williamsburg

The name, as unique as the menu inside, is inspired by the Japanese phrase of “all or nothing” used often in casinos 🙂 In addition to their unique and creative sushi menu they serve late night ramen which has been praised by many locals. Chef Yoshida is a staple in the sushi community and has been known to make some of the best omakese out there.

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4. BOZU, Williamsburg

One thing: Sushi Bombs. This has become wildly popular to Brooklynites who are looking for a fun experience when deciding to head out for sushi. They are little rice balls topped with veggies and meat. You can change the level of spice on these and there’s also a party bomb which includes three choices of the listed sushi bombs. They have a beautiful back garden which makes this place a gem during the warmer weather months.

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3. GEIDO, Prospect Heights

This place screams “family” as you sit down to an environment of illuminated child-like drawings on the wall accompanied by a very “chill” vibe throughout. At Geido, you will enjoy some of the most delicious sushi in Brooklyn. The food is very well priced in comparison to sushi of equal quality in the New York area.

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2. SILVER RICE, Crown Heights

The Tuna and spicy salmon cup have been extremely well received at Silver Rice. This place is well known for making the presentation of their food as good as the taste. Order their Alaskan bowl and you will see. They are only open for dinner, so make sure you fast during lunch to make room for this delicious place!

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1. SUSHI KATSUEI, Park Slope

This place, as they say, is “legit”. Katsuei is not only one of the highest rated sushi places on Yelp, they are also often described as fresh, clean and “the best sushi n Brooklyn”. From the moment you sit down your meal becomes an authentic experience. The Omakase is praised at about $45. Highly recommended choices for this meal are the snow peas, yellowtail and the Spanish mackerel.

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The world of sushi restaurants in New York is a competitive world, but once you find the perfect place, you know you’re guaranteed a perfect experience each and every time. New Yorker’s take their sushi very seriously and it’s better for you to find your sushi soulmate asap so you don’t waste time with mediocre sushi in a land that knows where to find the best of the best!