Shiitake Porcini Pasta



Shiitake Porcini Pasta is the newest vegetarian-friendly pasta dish taking the world by storm! This incredible pasta uses two different types of high-end mushrooms for a succulent and savory bite and heaps of protein. Delicious shiitake and porcini mushrooms are sautéed over a bed of onions and garlic with a wine pour-over. They are then mixed with some creme, lemon zest, and pasta. The whole dish is then sprinkled with parsley, parmesan cheese, and a hint of olive oil. It is delicious, hearty, and healthy.


Shiitake mushrooms are cultured on a sugar cane and rice bran base. They were used in ancient days for immune system medication and to fight tumors. They grow in the fertile fields of China and typically harvest in the Springtime. Porcini mushrooms are grown and enjoyed all over the world. In ancient Roman culture, they were used as a source of currency for farmers in poverty. The poor farmers would grow this crop and the emperors fell in love and wanted more.These two mushrooms, rich in history and taste, come together to create a deep and complex flavor in this incredible, healthy pasta dish.


Mushrooms prove extremely high in protein and are an excellent choice for people who are eating a vegetarian or low-carb diet. This dish is rich in other excellent vegetables including antioxidant filled onions and garlic as well as parsley. The wine marinade gives the dish a heart-healthy aspect making the dish as healthy as it is delicious.


Our Shiitake Porcini Pasta is unlike any other, and you will fall in love with this dish the moment it touches your lips. Here at Atlas Steakhouse, we use only the finest and freshest ingredients for our dishes. This is especially important in cooking with mushrooms. Mushrooms have a finite period in which they are perfect for consumption. We pick the mushrooms right in that sweet spot and get them right into your pasta, creating the freshest and ripest flavor possible. The secret lies in the ripeness of the mushrooms.


We then allow the mushrooms to marinate fully in the wine, creating a thick and rich sauce-like broth which brings the entire dish together in each divine bite. This slow-cooking process brings the wine and mushroom runoff together in a delicious harmony. The dish’s thick texture comes from the porcini mushroom as it pairs with the wine. Each succulent bite will envelop your taste buds in ecstasy.


Our linguine with porcini mushrooms is a dish that people are coming from all around to try. Even meat lovers find this dish to be hearty and juicy without having any meat in it! The mushrooms paired with the long and thick linguini pasta creates an experience you won’t easily forget. Our creamy sauce made from the wine, cream, and porcini mushrooms covers the whole dish in a rich blanket of flavor. Come see what all the buzz is about. Healthy, hearty, friendly, and tasty; this pasta is truly the mother of all vegetarian pasta dishes.