Sauteed Spinach


While some dishes have fancy names that aren’t very descriptive, sauteed spinach is a pure and honest dish. As it’s name suggests, sauteed spinach is a flavorful dish made by sauteing vibrant spinach leaves in olive oil and butter. Variations of the dish use spices such as garlic and shallots or other ingredients such as cheese to change the flavor of and personalize the dish. It pairs beautifully with any protein and works well in combination with many other vegetables, such as mushrooms or beans.




Spinach originated in Asia and had served as a dietary staple there for so long that it is impossible to trace its exact origins. It was brought to the Mediterranean by Arabs who migrated and found ways to grow and harvest it in the area despite the fact that spinach was difficult to grow in a hot climate. The first written mention of spinach occurred in the tenth century and appeared in a medical text. In the twelfth century, spinach reached Spain where it become quite popular. From there it spread much more quickly. It’s impossible to know who sauteed spinach for the first time, but it quickly became a favorite vegetable everywhere it was introduced, becoming part of soups, meat dishes and other recipes.


Nutritional Value


Like all dark, leafy green vegetables, spinach is a very healthy food. It’s rich in iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12 and calcium. A serving of spinach will also give you 987% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin K and 105% of the recommended Vitamin A. You’ll also get a shot of potassium. Spinach is an excellent source of magnesium, copper, folate and Vitamin E as well as zinc and fiber. Spinach has been shown to help guard against heart disease, bone problems, several cancers and inflammation. Spinach has also historically been used to cleanse and balance the intestinal tract. Perhaps the best part of eating spinach is knowing that you get all this nutrition without a lot of calories. A single serving of cooked spinach is about one cup, and that serving will provide only seven calories, so you’re free to enjoy as much of is as you like without guilt.


What Sets Ours Apart


At Atlas Steakhouse, we use a unique blend of herbs and spices to coax out the most flavor possible from our sauteed spinach. Our proprietary blend of herbs and additions is a closely guarded secret that allows us to provide a truly unique taste to our customers. We use only the freshest of spinach leaves and hand select our ingredients so you’ll never get a vegetable that came out of a microwave or freezer. Our chefs know just how long to cook spinach for maximum flavor with minimal water, so your favorite dish is never soggy or watered down – a frequent complaint with sauteed spinach. Best of all, fresh spinach is available all year long somewhere, so there’s no limit to when you can visit us and enjoy this delicious dish.