Salmon Steak

Salmon Steak

Steak. When we hear this word we automatically think of beef. However, the word steak simply means a cut of meat. A salmon steak is generally made from a fish that is larger than 10 pounds and is cut from side to side, across the fish and through the spine. There will then be two sides of fish joined by a bone. Salmon steak is different from salmon filets. Since salmon steak has the bone in it, it tends to be more flavorful than salmon filets because by cooking fish with the bone, the meat will soak up all of the delicious bone juices.


To chefs, gourmets, and fishermen, salmon is known to be the king of the water. They are spawned in freshwater streams and then will travel to the sea. After reaching maturity, the adult fish will travel back to the freshwater stream to spawn. There are five main types of Pacific Salmon which include, King, Red, Silver, Dog and Humpback. The color of salmon can vary from a very pale pink to a deep almost red color. There are so many different ways and options to cook salmon steak. They are typically cooked with the skin on it thus adding a crispy and flaky crust to the fish. The meat is very versatile and delicious and can be paired with many different ingredients. However, the fish cooks quickly so it does take some technique to get it right. In order to infuse extra flavor, chefs will often put a marinade on and will generally prepare the fish by baking, broiling, poaching, grilling, or pan-searing.


Salmon is one of the best fishes you can eat because there is so much nutritional value. It supplies iron, zinc, niacin, Vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 to the diet. Not to mention it has amazing omega 3 benefits, and also has protein and amino acid content that provides support for joint cartilage and controls the inflammation in the digestive tract. It also is an amazing source of healthy fats which can help normalize heartbeat and ease inflammation in the body. Salmon steak is also great to eat for those looking to watch caloric intake. A piece of 5/8 inch thick salmon steak that is baked or broiled contains only approximately 243 calories.


Since salmon steak is absolutely delicious and has amazing health benefits to it, the next question would be where to find it. As mentioned earlier, cooking this type of dish requires skill and technique.


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