Moroccan Rolls

marocan rolls

Traditional Moroccan cuisine is a mix of Arabic, North African, and Mediterranean flavors and represents the melting pot of traditions and cultures that make up the country’s population. The first inhabitants of Morocco introduced couscous as a staple, and when the Ottoman Empire acquired the land, they brought with them their techniques for cooking meat. Later French colonization left behind a tradition of delicate pastries. Moroccan dishes are artfully flavored, and spices have been imported to the country for thousands of years. A rare and often costly spice known as saffron is grown locally, and cinnamon is used more widely for Moroccan cuisine than in other savory recipes around the world.


Moroccan rolls are a favorite dish to some cultures, especially during the evenings after a period of daytime spiritual fasting. Traditional Moroccan rolls combine the rich history of the region and unique tastes of the culture. At Atlas Steakhouse, we strive to serve you with authentic flavors every time you visit our establishment. These delights are stuffed with succulent oxtail or decadent cheese. Our Moroccan rolls are an excellent starter to a memorable meal, and the rolls at Atlas Steakhouse are far superior to any that you will find anywhere else. At Atlas Steakhouse, We use authentic ingredients and spices in this delectable dish. Our expert chef has worked tirelessly to ensure that the recipe perfectly captures the spirit and culture of Morocco.


Our mild, savory Moroccan rolls are a testament to Atlas Steakhouse’s enthusiasm for quality meat and fine food. The mix of tasty oxtail and crisp roll is infused with delicious flavor that you will crave again and again. You will enjoy biting into the delicate outer layer and then delight in the savory taste. You are certain to agree that this dish is an excellent blend of texture and taste, and we are certain that you will come back for more! All of our beef is specially selected, and we use only the finest oxtail to make these rolls one-of-a-kind. The meat we use in our rolls is braised to perfection and is cooked with a special combination of Moroccan spices. Oxtail is more tender than steak and is quite flavorful. The quality oxtail in our delicious rolls contains just over 200 calories and contains five grams of fat. We offer two varieties of this delicious favorite for you and your dinner guests. These rolls are an excellent mix of rolled egg pastry stuffed with oxtail. If you’d prefer another variety of roll from Atlas Steakhouse, you can enjoy the traditional oxtail or order our Moroccan rolls stuffed with cheese. Cheese rolls are vegetarian favorite and are made with the same crisp pastry.


If you haven’t tried our Moroccan rolls, you are sure to be amazed by our incredible dish. You may have eaten them before are eager to have them once again. These are a favorite for all of our restaurant patrons, and they are sure to remain a favorite for years to come.