Meze Platter


Each culture offers specialty cuisine that is usually meant to be shared with family or friends. Of course, expert chefs with special attention to detail are needed to execute properly these dishes to ensure full flavor and authenticity. It is important to note that the lighter the dish, the more difficult the execution. A meze platter, like the one found at Atlas Steakhouse, is an appetizer consisting of five Mediterannian dips.


The origin of a meze platter is arguably Mediterannian as people believe that it is also Middle Eastern or even North African. Common spellings of the word are mazza, mezze, and the popular meze. Of course, Greek and Turkish cultures have adopted the meze spelling and are most known for making this style of cuisine.


A meze platter is known as an appetizer, but Mediterannian people describe it as a part of the meal designed to open up the appetite. Native people also describe this as possibly being an entire meal made up of small dishes. The word has also been mentioned as meaning specific courses of a meal. Regardless of the origin or specific meaning, it is safe to say that these light meals pack a flavourful punch that will leave a palette both satisfied and feeling healthy.


Atlas Steakhouse’s meze platter consists of five Mediterannian dips, as previously mentioned. This dish is visually gorgeous and crafted by talented, incredibly skilled chefs who paid special attention to detail and flavor execution. Accompanying these dips are perfectly grilled pita chips which add subtle elements of chewy texture. Colourful, hearty in texture, and perfectly topped with different olives; this platter is also very nutritious.


These assorted dips offer items such as olives, dairy, perfect spices, proteins, chickpeas, and healthy carbohydrates. Olives are very low calorie. Pita is full of healthy carbohydrates that will help maintain your energy level throughout the entire consumption of this delicious platter.


On another note, dairies such as yogurt offer plenty of calcium and healthy bacterias that promote good digestion and that combat bloating. Additionally, chickpeas contain large amounts of protein and potassium. In fact, one tablespoon of chickpeas contains over 109 milligrams of potassium. Hummus made from chickpeas contains healthy soluble fibers, fats, and even small levels of vitamin B12.


Of course, Mediterannian spices of all kinds have been proven to reduce bloating, promote healthy digestion, breakdown fat, maintain hormone levels, and stimulate excellent brain function. The dips on the meze platter at Atlas Steakhouse provide a multitude of health benefits and are, of course, delicious.


In conclusion, a meze platter is a trendy way to incorporate ethnic cuisine into your diet. When properly and artfully prepared like at Atlas Steakhouse, this platter can transform your palette and send you on a journey to the Mediterannian. As previously mentioned, this dish has always been meant to be shared with loved ones. Doing this allows for a tasty experience to become social which, of course, allows for guests to appreciate this platter that much more.