Lobster Bisque

lobster bique

Lobster Bisque is a rich, flavorful soup that is one of the most popular items on our menu. This delicious soup gets its flavor by slowly simmering whole lobster in a broth with vegetables and seasonings to create the maximum amount of seafood flavor. Solids such as shells are strained out, decadent chunks of lobster meat are added, and the broth is thickened with a roux to result in a silky, creamy consistency. Finally, the thickened soup is pureed to achieve a rich, smooth mouth feel enjoyed by all who have tried it. A meal in itself, this soup is the perfect selection to start a meal, but could be filling enough to be an entree by itself.


Bisque type soups have been created out of many types of seafood and may have originally started as a poultry dish in the early 17th Century. Lobster bisque was originally a French dish, and along with the other seafood varieties of bisques, is thought to be a dish more commonly enjoyed by the lower working class of France. This is because original styles of bisques included the entire shellfish and even the shells were ground to be used as a thickener to the dish, rather than the typical thickeners used today. This was an ideal way for poor fishermen to use lower quality seafood and still get maximum flavor. At Atlas Steakhouse, however, only the highest quality of lobster is selected to be used for our bisque.


Like most cream-based soup, Lobster Bisque is higher on the calorie scale than most broth based soups. Typical cups of soup have approximately 200-250 calories. This is mostly due to the added cream and butter used to thicken the soup, which contribute to its decadent consistency. Most of the calories in the lobster bisque are from fat, with carbohydrates and protein both contributing to lesser extents. Although it may not be a necessarily diet friendly dish, in moderation this treat is certainly worth the indulgence and will not disappoint.


Many restaurants make a version of this soup, but Atlas Steakhouse’s recipe, ingredients and execution make its Lobster Bisque the best around. To make our prized soup, lobsters are handpicked to be of only the highest quality, and the entire shellfish is slowly simmered in the shell to maximize the flavor of the dish. Using the entire lobster, rather than just the lobster meat allows the broth to obtain a much stronger, richer flavor than obtained otherwise. Fresh local vegetables are also used for the broth, and they add a fresh flavor that cannot be found by any other means. Our master chefs use specialized techniques to ensure that every bowl of soup is perfectly seasoned and lives up to our exacting standards. Atlas Steakhouse is confident in this delicious soup and are sure that it will be enjoyed by all who try it. In addition to being a perfect stand alone dish, this soup is a fitting accompaniment to any of our equally delicious steaks or salads.