Grilled Shrimps Appetizer

Grilled Shrimps

Appetizers are little meals offering a glimpse into what the rest of the meal will hold. The growing popularity of these light samples has resulted in people tossing the standard cheese and crackers aside for other popular, upscale dishes such as shrimp. Grilled shrimp is typically seen in appetizers in fine restaurants around the country. The history of these tasty morsels gives us an idea as to why these animals are so popular, where they came from, and how they got on so many of our dishes today.


For such a tiny animal, they contain a lot of history. In fact, shrimp is the most popular shellfish today, but they have been popular since before the seventh century. The word we know today derives from the Middle Eastern word shrimpe which means pygmy. These delectable little treats composed the majority of Asian diets during this century and still do today.


In 1280, Marco Polo commented on the mass amounts of shrimp found in Asian marketplaces. It is believed that he introduced this shellfish to other cultures during this time in history. The popularity of this food was quick to grow and in the seventeenth century, the mass harvesting of shrimp began in Louisiana. In fact, the people during this time used up to two thousand feet of netting to scoop up this delicacy. This concept developed into mechanized shrimping in 1917.


Today, the United States harvests over 650 million pounds of shrimp each year. In addition to that, the country also imports over 200 million pounds of shrimp annually. People cannot get enough of this shellfish, and that is quite alright as shrimp is actually very healthy.


Low in calories, this food contains around 0.3% of total fat per 100 grams. Shrimp also contains large amounts of potassium, iron, copper, magnesium, antioxidants, protein, phosphorus, and vitamin B12. Shrimp even contains small amounts of calcium. While shrimp does contain cholesterol simply because animals produce cholesterol, it is important to note that it is not detrimental to a diet or unhealthy. The nutrients found in shrimp are essential for daily diet percentages and assist in fighting off free radicals in the body as a result of the antioxidants in this food. It is always wonderful when something that is healthy for you is also delicious.


Each culture has manners in which they use this shellfish. Regardless of the manner, it is cooked, successfully preparing this dish in a manner that brings its natural flavors to life is essential. The grilled shrimp appetizer at Atlas Steakhouse is served with a sweet and spicy sauce. The skilled chefs artfully prepare this dish with attention to detail. The beautiful marks left on the shrimp once they are taken off the grill add artistic elements and once a person takes a bite, they will certainly be eager to take another.


In conclusion, the timeline of shrimp has been fairly consistent throughout history and today. The shellfish has been popular for centuries, and the popularity continues to grow by the day as people have put an emphasis on the nutritional value that this food provides.