Grilled Branzino


Branzino is a flavorful, delicate tasting fish that has been sought after and enjoyed in and around the Mediterranean for years. Early Greeks thought of fishing as a sophisticated act, worthy of civilized people, and so fish became a traditional dish. Also called European seabass, Branzino is found in and around Europe in the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Popular with Italian tourists, it is a small fish, usually weighing between one and a half to three pounds. One of the most prized fish, it is a relative of the striped bass. A predator, the French call it “Loup de Mer” or “wolf of the sea.” Its diet includes shrimp when it is young, and it eats other fish as an adult. Considered a type of whitefish, its flesh is less oily than other popular fish such as tuna.


A newcomer to many American restaurants, Branzino is quickly becoming a wildly popular dish due to its excellent mild flavor as well as the health benefits it provides. A shiny, silver-skinned fish, low in fat and cholesterol, Branzino adds a nutritious punch to your diet. Nutrient-dense and packed with iron, this fish contains essential fatty acids like Omega-3 fats, which help prevent heart disease. It also contains high quality protein, yet is low in calories. A four-ounce serving has less than 200 calories. Branzino is perfect for grilling, a healthier method of preparation. Because of its light, flaky texture, Europeans treasure this savory fish, and the skilled chefs at Atlas Steakhouse have created their own unique version for you to enjoy.


The elegantly mild flavor of our Grilled Branzino is achieved by the design of a special blend of the finest spices which are rubbed onto the fish prior to grilling. Seasoned to perfection, it is then seared whole, at just the right temperature by our expert chefs, so that the inside is tender and flaky and encrusted in a thin, golden brown skin. Our special cooking technique ensures that each forkful of Grilled Branzino is perfectly moist and flavorful. The distinctive taste of the spices in the rub enhanced by the juices of the fish create a satisfying explosion of flavor. Superbly garnished, served hot and fresh, this dish will delight both the eyes and the taste buds. Compliment Grilled Branzino with one of our succulent sides, which include our fluffy steamed rice; creamy, delightfully seasoned mashed potatoes; or savory grilled vegetables. Feel free to add a splash of fresh lemon if you like.


Atlas Steakhouse has a strong tradition of serving fresh, delicious food carefully prepared by our uniquely qualified and knowledgeable chefs, and our Grilled Branzino is no exception. We use only the finest ingredients in all our dishes in order to create a truly memorable dining experience for our guests. Patrons who enjoy adding new and exciting flavors to their palates will not be disappointed by this amazing dish. Healthy, full of distinctive flavor, juicy, and delicious–our Grilled Branzino does not disappoint! Come to Atlas Steakhouse to try the best Branzino you can find in Brooklyn.