Grilled Asparagus


Grilled asparagus is fresh asparagus, lightly seasoned and lightly oiled, that has been warmed on the grill to the point of being soft, yet staying crisp. This typically takes about five minutes on a hot grill, depending on the size of the asparagus. This is the perfect healthy side dish to meat, especially during its short season between March and April. While asparagus is often used in recipes, it is best eaten alone, due to its rich flavor and distinctive texture.


Asparagus has an extended history, dating all the way back to the first century. Records show that it grew in ancient Rome and Greece and even Egyptians in the B.C. times grew and cultivated asparagus. Asparagus was offered to gods in ancient times for rituals.


Like other vegetables, asparagus was first discovered in nature. Through special breeding practices, asparagus has turned from a very thin shoot into a thick stem with an edible flesh. It is a hard stem when raw, which is why it is often grilled to make it more palatable. While asparagus may have been cooked in a direct fire in the past, it can now be cooked either directly over a fire to give it a nice char-grilled taste, or it can be grilled on a gas grill, which helps to control the perfect amount of cooking for your liking.


Grilling asparagus is a great way to make it taste good without losing a lot of the nutrition that is packed inside. Alternatively, boiling or microwaving asparagus can make it limp and lose vital nutrition that it has organically grown. One serving of grilled asparagus that has been lightly oiled has 64 calories and 4 grams of fat. One serving is the equivalent of one-quarter cup. It has three grams of fiber, which helps to keep you full, and three grams of protein, which is also beneficial to your health. It is rich in vitamin A and iron as well. While grilled asparagus does have 3 grams of sugar, the health benefits far outweigh the downfalls for this grilled vegetable.


Atlas Steakhouse has a fabulous grilled asparagus prepared our expert chef. He uses a high-quality oil that is beneficial to your health, along with in-season, thick cut asparagus that is seasoned to perfection. These grilled asparaguses are crisp on the outside, yet soft on the inside, leaving you wanting to continue to experience the taste and texture.


While others may boil asparagus, letting it lose its vitamins, minerals, flavor, and shape, Atlas Steakhouse makes sure that the asparagus offered is of the best quality to be a perfect side dish to meat. It is not too filling, so you will want to continue to come back to enjoy it often. It is packed with nutrition and a great way to stay healthy while also splurging on a large meal.


As one of the most ancient vegetables known, grilled asparagus keeps its popularity today due to its taste, texture, and ease of preparation.