Cyprus Salad


The Cyprus Salad served at Atlas Steakhouse is a wonderful combination of organic baby arugula, goat cheese, nuts, and the Chef’s special sauce. The traditional Cyprus salad, often referred to as a rustic salad or summer salad originated in the Republic of Cyprus, an island off the coasts of Syria and Turkey. Cyprus is the third largest and third most populated island in the Mediterranean. The proximity of the Republic of Cyprus to Greece has resulted in heavy cultural influences on the Island, many of which can be seen reflected in the local cuisine.


Traditionally the Cyprus Salad is very closely related to the Greek salad, consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, goat cheese, and olive oil. Many chefs have been expanding on this traditional preparation by substituting some of the vegetables with different sorts of greens. One of the most important qualities of this dish that should never be replaced, and the Chef of Atlas Steakhouse has stayed true to, is the importance of utilizing only the freshest ingredients.


This particular version of the Cyprus Salad is not only exploding with flavor, the nutritional benefits are outstanding. A protein packed meal that is low in saturated fats and cholesterol is also teaming with vitamins. Vitamins B5, A, and K are all found in this fiber rich salad. The organic baby arugula is also high in calcium and iron, making this a dish that is pleasing to the palate as well as the waistline.


Although the Chef at Atlas Steakhouse has taken some liberties with the traditional Cyprus Salad, his modern twist on this dish is sure to become a classic in its own right. In raw dishes the use of fresh ingredients is crucial, not only to the flavor of the dish, but to the texture as well. It is apparent that the Chef utilizes only the freshest and highest quality of ingredients in this dish. The “Special Sauce” that this salad is dressed with is refreshingly unique. It is obvious that the Chef has been well educated in Mediterranean Cuisine and his experience shines through in the marrying of these classic ingredients. The presentation of this dish only furthers the experience. Beautifully presented so that each ingredient is highlighted without undermining the integrity of the dish as a whole is something that only a master chef would be able to accomplish so gracefully.


The Cyprus Salad at Atlas Steakhouse cannot be replicated. Of course, other restaurants prepare and serve their own version of the Cyprus Salad, but without the combination of the freshest ingredients and the Chef’s level of expertise, the experience with any other salad would be lacking. It is obvious that the chef has put time and research into this dish to make it the perfect fusion of traditional and modern cuisine. It is not difficult to tell that he has also put a great deal of heart and soul into this dish as well. If you find yourself in the area of Atlas Steakhouse, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the experience of the Chef’s Special Cyprus Salad.