Crab Cake

crab cake

Hungry for crab but not into all the mess and fuss of digging out its succulent morsels of meat from the shell? Why not try a mouth-watering crab cake instead?


But Just What Is a Crab Cake?


You’ll be delighted to discover that delicious jumbo crab meat you’re craving, blended in a combination of tasty seasonings and fillings, baked to perfection. Top your crab cake with Atlas Steakhouse‘s remoulade sauce, and you’ll be back for more every time your tummy gets, well, “crabby.” You’ll also be experiencing a culinary dish filled with American history.


History of Crab Cakes


Long before the first settlers came to America, Native Americans were preparing and enjoying crab cakes. Soon after arriving, the settlers themselves adopted this dish, and shortly thereafter, the crab cake became a favorite.


Using Blue crab as the standard, settlers in the Chesapeake Bay area each started claiming superiority in their own particular take of the prized dish. Numerous recipes for what are now called “crab cakes” have been recorded since the colonial period.


As preservation technology developed, the crabs became available across the country, and the popularity of the dish spread.


The name “Crab Cake” was used in an early 19th Century recipe entitled “Crab Cakes for Breakfast.” It was an extremely simple recipe that used fresh picked crab, highly seasoned with salt and pepper, added butter for shaping the crab into “round cakes” and used “a little flour to hold them together.” The cakes were then dipped in egg and finely beaten cracker crumbs. Finally, they were fried in hot butter or lard.


Today crab cakes are enjoyed internationally and are even considered haute cuisine.


Diane Stonebeck of The Morning Call wrote, “Most restaurants – and certainly any seafood restaurants – worth their salt have crab cakes on the menu.”


Nutritional Value of Crab Cakes


According to Nutrition Data3, crab cakes are a good source of protein (11g), calcium (20% DV), phosphorous (23% DV) and copper (18% DV). They are a particularly good source of selenium (36% DV) and vitamin B12 (73% DV). However, they are also high in cholesterol (82mg) and sodium (491mg).


Atlas Steakhouse Serves Only the Best Crab Cakes


So enjoy your Crab Cakes with Remoulade Sauce at Atlas Steakhouse. After all, we use only the finest ingredients: just the right amount of spices in both the remoulade and mixture, as well as a filler that enhances, rather than competes, with the flavor of the exquisite Blue, all jumbo, crab. Broiled to a golden brown that enhances the flavor, then baked to a perfect 140 degrees, we think you’ll agree: Our chef is a true expert in the preparation of this authentic American cuisine.