Caprese Salad


Atlas Steakhouse serves a Caprese Salad that will delight even the pickiest of Italians. The traditional Caprese Salad is uncooked and somewhat simple, with minimal ingredients, but is packed with deliciously bright taste. The delectable plate commonly consists of the systematic layering of fresh red tomatoes, rich, smooth mozzarella and intensely green basil. The salad is merely seasoned with the clean flavors of salt and olive oil. Of course, there are numerous variations of the conventional Caprese Salad, from the application of colorful heirloom tomatoes to being dressed with herby pesto or balsamic vinegar to the actual cooking of ingredients on a hot grill or fryer. It has recently also been concocted into a light sandwich, as a filling pasta or thrown on an interesting pizza.


The history of the Caprese Salad, or Insalata Caprese, is infused with delicious history. As the name translation suggests, ‘Salad of Capri’, the refreshing dish’s birthplace is on the tiny island of Capri, which is located off the beautiful coast of Naples, Italy. There are many stories depicting the various origins of the Caprese Salad, many in Italy believing the appearance of the fresh dish to be the result of vacationing royalty and top politicians searching for a light course to consume. The oldest story dates back to the 1920s, when the salad appeared on a menu at the luxury Hotel Quisisana. Years later, sometime in the 1950s, it was reported that the king of Egypt at the time, King Farouk, ordered a light afternoon appetizer and was served a sandwich filled with fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil. With large volumes of tourism on the magnificent, beautiful island of Capri throughout the years, the Insalata Caprese has become an international sensation, gracing restaurant menus and home tables all over the world.


The simple Caprese Salad variety, with the straightforward tomato, mozzarella, and basil composition, is known for being light on the palate and light on the waistline. Its freshness and an uncomplicated list of ingredients make it an all around healthy dish. A traditional serving is only about 250 calories with very little carbohydrates at around 10 grams and almost no sugar. But this undervalued fare is packed with beneficial protein at approximately 14 grams.


The Caprese Salad at Atlas Steakhouse is hands down the best Insalata Caprese, out of Capri. At Atlas Steakhouse, the knowledgeable master chefs use only the freshest of available ingredients in this delightful uncooked dish. The rich tomatoes are juicy and ripe without being watery and shapeless. The pure mozzarella is moist and velvety and will not offend the quality of the salad with a gritty texture. The sweet basil is aromatic and crisp without any undesirable wilting or metallic taste. The bright, colorful plate is sure to elate the senses, from the vivid visual appeal, to the pleasant, clean smell and finally the refreshingly delicious taste. Ordering the Caprese Salad from Atlas Steakhouse will undoubtedly leave one satisfied. It is the perfect blend of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil.