Fried calamari is a popular seafood appetizer and is among the most popular preparations by chefs. It does not matter if you are eating American, Asian, Italian or Latin American cuisine. It is most likely found on the menu under appetizers. In the United States, it is typically garnished with lemon and parsley, served with marinara sauce, and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Other variations of dipping sauces include aioli, tartar sauce or cocktail sauce. Fried calamari is a dish that is focused exclusively on the animal’s tentacles. It can be best described as tender calamari in a tangy aioli sauce with a golden crust. The dish is prepared by slicing the squid’s tentacles forming them into rings. The rings are then dipped into a batter of breadcrumbs, herbs, or spices before being fried in fat or oil. It is fried quickly for about two minutes to prevent toughness and a rubbery texture. Unique flavor combinations can be whipped up with rings battered with different ingredients.


The dishes’ name comes from the Italian word for “squid,” which is calamari. Demographic and legislative changes resulted in American boats catching squid for export in the 1970s. Domestic demand was nonexistent and American fishermen were ignoring the vast schools of squid. However, Japan and Italy fishermen were searching for squid in the Atlantic Coast around the 1960s. The federal government responded by enacting the Magnuson-Stevens Act of 1976. It declared jurisdiction up to 200 miles from the Atlantic Coast as an attempt to plan marine management. State and federal programs began to provide fishermen with instruction and technology to obtain new catch. As foreign ships came to America, there was a sharp increase in immigration. There was a high domestic demand for squid from Asian, Italian, and Portuguese owned restaurants in America. In 1975, the New York Times newspaper was the first media publication to write an article on fried calamari. American people began to want this dish in high demand. At first the dish was only offered in prominent cities like Boston and New York in high class and exotic restaurants. However, fried calamari did not become popular until the early 1980s. Squid sales jumped from a few hundred thousand pounds to several million pounds. The demand was so great that frozen squid was imported from Argentina, China, India, and Thailand.


Calamari’s has good nutritional value containing omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders and improve overall health. Furthermore, calamari is free of saturated fats and low in calories. It is high in protein and an excellent source of vitamin B12.


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