Caesar Salad


A Caesar Salad is salad consisting of romaine lettuce, crunchy croutons, and fresh grated parmesan cheese. The dressing can vary but is basically made up of emulsified egg yolk, lemon juice, freshly grated garlic, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce and fresh black pepper. The original Caesar Salad did not contain anchovies, chicken, shrimp or beef which may all be found in the salads of today.


There is a bit of controversy over the original origin of the Caesar Salad. The story starts the same, with the Cardini family; Italian immigrants who settled in San Diego, California. The family had a restaurant in Mexico due to the prohibition laws of America. Here is where the story branches off. One story states that Livio Cardini made the first Caesar Salad from a recipe of his mothers, one that he claims, his brother Caesar stole from him. Another states that Alex Cardini made the first Caesar salad for a group of airmen hungry from a long night of partying. The most famous story is that of Caesar Cardini, however. His daughter told of the night the Caesar Salad was invented.


The Caesar Salad was the brain child of Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who had restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico. The legend says that the Caesar salad was created when the restaurant where Cardini was working ran out of many menu items, due to the high costumer volume of the fourth of July. In an effort to keep the people fed Cardini threw a bunch of ingredients into a salad, table side and thus created the Caesar Salad. Which ever story is true one thing that remains is how thankful we can be that it exists.


Depending on the exact contents of the Caesar Salad, nutritional values will vary. Often times salads are considered a good diet food but this can be misleading, especially if the size of the salad is much bigger than the average portion size. Excluding egg yolk in the dressing reduces cholesterol by 200 mg. Omitting the parmesan cheese saves you three grams of fat. Adding chicken, shrimp or beef will also have a high impact on calories. The calories can range anywhere from 120-1200 depending on the above listed items plus the amount of dressing used as well.


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