Steak Cuts Continued: Stepping Up the Cuts

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Last month, we took on the task of sharing our knowledge with the world by deciding to shed some light on what you actually get when you order different cuts of steak from your favorite international steakhouse and provider of excellent atmosphere and entertainment. There’s a lot to know when it comes to cattle, and…

Steak Wonders of the World: All About Cuts (Part One)

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Steak is enjoyed all over the world by people with many different cultural dietary practices, but it all start with the cut. Knowing a good steak definitely requires knowing your prime rib from your porterhouse, and unless you’ve worked in the service industry you might not ever have had a chance to learn the different…

Steak Your Claim: Beef Consumption By Country

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Steak: It’s what’s for dinner… if you live in one of the top 10 countries producing beef, at least. While it might be tempting to assume that the United States is home to biggest beef-consuming populace, this is not actually the case. The U.S. does hold the title for most meat consumption per capita if…

Best Dining Ever: No Phone Required

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Going out to eat can be a wonderful, small-to-large scale treat enjoyed by individuals or groups of any numbers. It’s an important tradition in the western world, or rather, a variety of important traditions: The first date, the job offer, the ever-important-moment-to-yourself-at-lunch, or the simple frozen moment at breakfast in which you’ve got your coffee,…

Food is Better Digested with Music

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The modern eater isn’t looking for a singularly satisfying experience when they dine out. In the food and hospitality game of the 21st century, it’s up to your local eateries to give you something truly unforgettable. Something we’re acutely aware of is the fact that an experience lives enduringly in our memory if it stimulates…

Atlas Steakhouse is a Top 10 Steakhouse on TripAdvisor

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Running a business in the digital age involves awareness about your reputation as it stands on the internet. People look to their search engines for answers about everything these days – it’s where they expect to find the best deals, the most thrilling experiences, and the highest recommendations for food, entertainment, and hospitality. For this…

What to do for Father’s Day

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Mom's Favorite RestaurantMeal on Mother's Day Is...... (8)-2

How do you give your dad the special celebration he deserves on Father’s Day? You can take the whole day to do it, or pack a relaxing, fun experience into one meal. Here’s how to guarantee that this Father’s Day is one your dad won’t forget. The first thing you’ve got to keep in mind…

What’s your favorite cut of steak?

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What is your favorite cut of steak? As with any dish, the way you order your meat can say a lot about who you are and can be a way of conveying your personality and distinct dining type to fellow eaters and those serving you. No one wants to be confronted with a list of…

Can a Great Steak be done at Home without a Grill?

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There’s something about the bursting flames of an open grill when they lap and lick upon the savory surface of a premium cut of steak. There is no doubt that these bountiful blessings of bovine flesh and flavor are best baptized in fire, as chefs around the world will concur that steak is meant to…

A Quick Study on Culinary Schools

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Culinary school can be a valuable asset for anybody interested in the culinary arts or the food service and hospitality industries. In fact, since we all need and enjoy food every day, it might be said that anybody who can afford it could benefit greatly from a classic and modern understanding of all things related…