Everybody Eats: A Holiday Message from Atlas

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There are not a lot of universal constants out there for us to relate over, but you can’t deny that food is one of them. Everybody eats, even if everybody does it a little bit differently. Every day, it seems like the news is rife with stories which seem to paint us as a disenfranchised…


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American cuisine can sometimes limit the versatility of the miraculous egg. Here in the states, eggs are traditionally a breakfast commodity – though they do make rare appearances on burgers and in hard-boiled form on salads. If there is a singular dish to be found which invokes the true capabilities of the egg, however, we…

Still Thankful: Belated Gratitude

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Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the whole country has moved onto the next big seasonal surge, it seems a worthwhile effort to hold onto the spirit of gratitude as we embrace the coming holiday chaos. There certainly is plenty of chaos in the world, but there is plenty to be appreciative of…

Food History 101: French Toast

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For such a seemingly simple food, French toast can evoke a sense of history, cultural significance, and even nostalgia in an individual. Like many dishes dating back to medieval times (and much earlier, even), it is one born out of necessity; with resources scarce, society had to find ways to use every bit of food,…

Food History 101: The Burger

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17_buger 101

You might think of the burger as simply an American staple, but to do so would be to reduce a fundamental human dining experience to much less than its international roots deserve. Like many of the shared culinary commodities consumed across the nation, the invention of the burger is debated and scattered across the globe.…

Rarely Well Done: The Perfect Steak

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The perfect steak. It all starts with the cattle. Then, the cut comes into play, and finally, it ultimately comes down to preparation. The most expertly-raised animal can be artfully cared for and cut into by a master butcher, but if the meat is not handled well once it goes to the flame, the whole…

Beyond the Flavor: The Sights and Sounds of a Perfect Meal

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In many ways, going to a restaurant is like adopting a home away from home for the duration of a single meal. Whether you venture out solo or with family, during brunch or dinner, or you find yourself at the bar or seated at your usual table, your dining experience is about the comfort and…

Steak Cuts Continued: Stepping Up the Cuts

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Last month, we took on the task of sharing our knowledge with the world by deciding to shed some light on what you actually get when you order different cuts of steak from your favorite international steakhouse and provider of excellent atmosphere and entertainment. There’s a lot to know when it comes to cattle, and…

Steak Wonders of the World: All About Cuts (Part One)

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Steak is enjoyed all over the world by people with many different cultural dietary practices, but it all start with the cut. Knowing a good steak definitely requires knowing your prime rib from your porterhouse, and unless you’ve worked in the service industry you might not ever have had a chance to learn the different…

Steak Your Claim: Beef Consumption By Country

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Steak: It’s what’s for dinner… if you live in one of the top 10 countries producing beef, at least. While it might be tempting to assume that the United States is home to biggest beef-consuming populace, this is not actually the case. The U.S. does hold the title for most meat consumption per capita if…