Can a Great Steak be done at Home without a Grill?

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There’s something about the bursting flames of an open grill when they lap and lick upon the savory surface of a premium cut of steak. There is no doubt that these bountiful blessings of bovine flesh and flavor are best baptized in fire, as chefs around the world will concur that steak is meant to…

A Quick Study on Culinary Schools

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Culinary school can be a valuable asset for anybody interested in the culinary arts or the food service and hospitality industries. In fact, since we all need and enjoy food every day, it might be said that anybody who can afford it could benefit greatly from a classic and modern understanding of all things related…

Eggs Benedict: A Mystery in Culinary History

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Few dishes are as synonymous with American brunch as Eggs Benedict. Traditionally built in layers, the classic dish starts with a base of two English muffin halves, topped with a slice of ham or Canadian bacon, then a poached egg, all smothered or drizzled with rich, heavenly hollandaise. Any brunch aficionado knows that the dish…

What’s in a Meal? Your Past, Present, and Future!

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All too often, a meal becomes a perfunctory act in our society. We’re often lucky if, as a family, we are able to accommodate the time it takes to prepare a meal, gather round the table, and then enjoy the fruits (and proteins!) of our labor while taking in the day and the thoughts of…

Steak Degrees of Pleasure

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Any real steak connoisseur knows that a premium-quality steak can be served at any temperature if prepared by skilled hands. This might seem like sacrilege or pure blasphemy that spits in the face of rare-only steak eaters all over the world, but if you think about a quality piece of meat, you know that it’s…

31 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Steak

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Grilled T-Bone Steak

ContentsWhat is SteakHistory of SteakMost Popular Cuts of SteakGeneral Nutritional Facts31 Science-Backed Health BenefitsSteak and Muscle MassSteak and Muscle FunctionSteak and Preventing AnemiaSteak and Cancer PreventionSteak and Prevention of Neurodegenerative DiseasesSteak and Mood RegulationSteak and Heart HealthSteak and ImmunitySteak and Neurological FunctionSteak and Preventing DiarrheaSteak and Preventing Allergic ReactionsSteak and Overcoming Thinning HairSteak and Overcoming…

How to Cook T-Bone Steak on the Stove Top

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Grilled T-Bone Steak

Before we answer that intriguing question, let’s explore the world of steaks and where they came from.   ContentsThe First Red-Meat EatersHistory of Beef Cattle in AmericaT-bone SteaksWhat to look for when buying T-Bone SteaksHow Do You Cook a T-Bone Steak on the Stove Top?Why Use a Cast Iron Frying Pan?How to Season your Cast…

The Ultimate Guide To Steak Cooking Times

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Beef rump steak on black stone table

“To see the butcher slap the steak before he laid it on the block, and give his knife a sharpening, was to forget breakfast instantly.” Charles Dickens (1812-1870) ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’   With a little practice, you could be cooking a steak like the pros in no time at all. The key is knowing how long…

How to Cook Chuck Steak in a Slow Cooker

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ContentsIntroduction to the ChuckNutritional Value of Chuck SteakLet’s Get CookingMethod #1: Straight to the Pot, Shredded Chuck SteakMethod #2 Basic BraisingHow to Buy ChuckServing, Sides, and BeveragesConclusion Introduction to the Chuck As a shopper, you likely think of ‘chuck steak’ as just one cut that looks like this: It may surprise you to learn that…

Best Side Dishes for Steak

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best side dishes for steaks

For meat lovers, nothing beats the taste, the aroma, the sizzle or even the anticipation of a thick, juicy steak. It matters not whether it is a boneless short rib, a flank steak, a London broil or a Porterhouse. A steak simply brings out the inner carnivore. Though it may be tempting to eat the…