Top 10 Best Steak Seasoning You’ll Love

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Variety of spices on kitchen table.

Seasoning is the cherry on the sundae of your steak dinner and you should choose the best. While a well- cooked steak can be juicy and delicious on its own without the help of seasoning or sauce, there are some cuts that are complimented well by the array of spices offered. We’ve combed through the best of the best and have a great top 10 list for you so you know exactly what to go out and buy the next time you have a craving for steak, which for us is every day!


10. Todd Wilburn’s Top Secret Steak Rub Seasoning


They mystery of Todd Wilbur’s steak seasoning has been revealed… It’s DELICOUS! These secretive blends of spices form a great sprinkled coating for your steak and make you feel like you’re eating a7 a high end steak house. Todd Wilbur spent many years researching America’s favorite steak houses and put these findings into his products. Their claim to fame is “Just like the pro chef’s use” so if you don’t want to break the bank dining out at Outback, just curl up on the couch with this seasoning and you’ll be in the most comfortable and convenient restaurant in town!  Buy it on Amazon!


9. Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning


Chef Paul provides so many flavor options with their seasoning. They’re great on not just steak! Pork, chicken and fish also benefit from the spices that Chef Paul offers. The Blackened Steak magic and the Meat Magic are the most recommended for your steak needs. They do have a great spice blend called Vegetable Magic, which can also spruce up your sprouts. Chef Paul works out of Louisiana so he knows good cookin’ and how to spice things up in the kitchen! When you think of New Orleans you think of great food, and that’s precisely why Chef Paul set up camp there to give our taste buds exactly what they deserve. You can purchase a variety back  on Amazon! Having all those delicious options is well worth the price.


8. McCormick Perfect Pinch


You’ll see McCormick pop up on this list quite a bit. They’ve been around since the 1800s so you know they know their steak and they know how to season it. McCormick is the leader playing in the meat and vegetable seasoning industry. They have a few different departments: Grill mates and Perfect Pinch being two of them. This unique zesty blend comes in a pack of 6 on Amazon for just $14.38 with your prime account. With no MSG or artificial flavorings, you can season your beef knowing you’re putting the best on top. Perfect pinch offers 18 flavors, but the one simply titled “Steak”, is the one to get! Buy it on Amazon


7. Lawry’s Beef Marinade Spices & Seasoning


Lawry’s is also a branch off the McCormick tree. With no grams of fat per serving and extremely low in calories, this tenderized seasoning is a great option for anyone watching their weight. The spices all combined give off a strong natural flavor of meat which is perfect to top your steak off with if you don’t like being distracted by spices and sauces that stray from a meaty-like flavor. Buy it on Amazon.


6. Tones Canadian Steak Seasoning


Tones has also been around since the 1800’s so they’re no strangers to steak and seasoning. This Canadian steak seasoning is an easy blend of garlic, onion and pepper that when paired with your steak gives you a taste you wouldn’t believe. Buy it on Amazon, this seasoning gives others a run for its money. Tones is with Durkee (our #6), manufactured by the same people, so their products are fresh and delicious and are easy to find.


5. Durkee Steak Dust Seasoning


This is a savory blend for your meat that has been the hands of experts in fresh. Durkee products are cultivated from regions all around the world. They have a ton of other spice options on the market but their steak dust is their most popular when it comes to seasoning meat. This particular blend combines garlic, salt, black pepper and additional spices to perfectly compliment your beef. You can get this seasoning on Amazon . 


4. McCormick Brown Sugar and Bourbon


This is one of my all-time favorite seasonings for steak. I love the smoky sweet taste that McCormick has mastered with this blend. If you’re a big fan of salty + sweet together, then you’ll be a big fan of this seasoning. Buy it on Amazon, and combines brown sugar, bourbon, red bell peppers and other tasty spices. Your taste buds will never be the same.


3. McCormick Grill Mate’s Montreal Steak Seasoning


Also made by McCormick, this is a fun blend of rough ground peppers, garlic, salt and is recommended on your steak and burgers. This has a lower sodium count then a lot of McCormick products which is terrific if you’re watching your salt intake. It has a very bold flavor which is perfect if your meat is cooked simply and you don’t have a comparative sauce accoutrement. You can get this seasoning on Amazon.


2. McCormick Grill Mate’s Smokehouse Maple Seasoning


This is another one of my favorite seasonings mostly because I’m such a huge fan of salty and sweet together. Especially when brown sugar is involved! This blend has everything in it: Brown sugar, onion, garlic, maple syrup, orange peel and molasses! Tastes great on steak or chicken! This seasoning is available on Amazon


1. McCormick Grill Mate’s Mojito Lime


It’s only appropriate that McCormick finishes up our list at number one and the reason we chose the Mojito lime is because it’s not only unique, but it has a tang that you wouldn’t expect to thoroughly enjoy in your steak seasoning. A lot of sauces and seasoning are predictable when it comes to meat flavor, but there’s absolutely nothing predictable about this choice. A hint of mint and a hint of lime dashed upon your meat gives you a meal to remember, not just another steak dinner. Buy it on Amazon. The best doesn’t have to cost the most!


So we’ve learned that McCormick is the king of steak seasoning and all others must bow down before its commands. Just kidding, but we’re happy to inform you of the highest rated steak seasonings out there and encourage you to cook, season and enjoy in the comfort of your home!